The Recreational Gold Prospecting Page

Welcome to recreational gold prospectors everywhere! We will explore what gold is, where to find it, the tools used to extract it and other sources of information online and in print.. Those interested in finding coins, artifacts and other things with a metal detector are directed to the TreasureNet site. If you are a rockhound or mineral collector, try the Rock Hound Information Page.


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I am hoping that readers of this page will contribute NON-COPYRIGHTED things like plans for building stuff, tips and tricks, general areas to prospect, and other places to visit on-line. PLEASE NOTE: I am trying to compile a world wide list of mining clubs and organizations. If you know of any or you know of a metal detecting club which have some members who are interested in nugget shooting please drop me a line. Thanx

Some of the information presented here are subjective opinions of the author(s) and some material may be copyrighted.

Remember, fill your holes and pack out your trash. THANK YOU for visiting and good luck.

Bill Westcott, San Leandro, California, USA Last update March 1, 2003