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The places listed below are user submitted gold prospecting locations. Things change over time - these places may or may not still be open. Be sure to fill your holes, pick up your trash and don't trespass. We are losing good spots all the time.

We really need more info on this state! If you know of any other prospecting locations in this or surrounding areas, please fill out this form. What we need here are fairly specific places like "downstream from where Highway 20 crosses Dry Creek". There are lots of books that say something like "The gold belt runs through ABC & XYZ Counties" or "Gold has been found in ABC River and some of its tributaries". That really doesn't say much about where YOU can find gold, private property issues or Forest Circus rules etc. Please use this form only for suggesting fairly specific places to be added to this page where new prospectors or folks visiting from other areas have a good chance of finding gold. Thank you

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Fairly specfic place where folks can find gold:

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Inyo County
From Bren

I had some luck panning up near Bishop. Here are directions: First, take 395 to Bishop, then take 168 west (toward Aspendell, Lake Sabrina, South Lake). Then take it all the way up (appx.20 miles) to where it forks and make the left onto the South Fork towards South Lake. You will soon see the creek on the left. I did fairly well up and down that creek. The creek starts up at South Lake and will hit a Dam that you'll drive by on the South Fork Rd. The creek is only about 4 miles long. No nuggets, but plenty of fines and pickers with only a pan. Also the North Fork Road will take you in the Aspendell area where the old Cardinal Gold Mine is. I'm sure you can probably find some luck there too. You might want to bring your fishing pole as well, you'll come across sections in which you look down in a hole and see a couple 8lb+ Rainbow Trout. An old lady down steam from where I was panning, caught a 14lb. Brown. Good Luck!!

El Dorado County
A fairly complete list of mines with descriptions in El Dorado County is on the El Dorado County Library web site. No location info though.

From Kevin
Placer County

Bear river campground by Colfax California. Heading east from Sacramento, take the Wiemar Crossroads exit from I-80, go left over the freeway and follow that road to its end, you will see a sign for the Bear River Campground, so turn right and it's a couple of miles but you will see the sign for you to turn left and follow the PUBLIC road to the river, I always stop in the first parking lot where you can use anything but power equipment. There is gold in every pan guaranteed, not alot but fine gold dust in every pan. Get down to the river and just pick a spot and start digging. Best use here is a sluice box.

NEXT SPOT Same exit off the freeway but this time go right, there is an immediate stop sign, turn left and follow the road for several miles until you see Yankee Jim road on your right, this takes you down to the American River. There are 5 abandoned mines on this road where the openings are right next to the road, you can't miss them. It's a nice drive, but when you get to the river just find your way down to any of the gravel banks and WOW I get more gold here than anywhere.

Alpha Diggin's
The Alpha Diggings is claimed and we are not welcome anymore.

Auburn State Recreation AreaPhoto of American River

The American River
The American River was mined very early in the gold rush since it is where gold was first discovered in Northern California. A few years ago, the state bought up most of the claims and private property on the lower stretches of the river (below about 1100 feet elevation) in anticipation of the construction of the giant Auburn Dam. The dam was never built and hopefully never will be so most of the area is now the Auburn State Recreation Area. Here you can pan, sluice, highbank and dredge all year. You can get a little color almost anywhere you look. There is exposed bedrock everywhere with a wealth of cracks and crevices to clean out. Many of the gravel bars always contain fine flood gold even in the top layer. And don't overlook the bedrock and benches high above the river. I have found small nuggets forty feet above the water level.

There are several access roads from I 80:
Highway 49 from Auburn
Foresthill Road from Auburn
Yankee Jims Road from near Colfax
Iowa Hill Road from Colfax
And some trails but many are very steep as you can see from the photo.

One of my favorite places is below Colfax near where the Colfax-Iowa Hill Road crosses the river. There is a decent campground next to the bridge but you have to bring your own water. Downstream from the bridge is in the recreation area and upstream is designated a Wild & Scenic River so no motorized equipment is allowed. This area hasn't been dredged (legally) for years. You can pan, sluice or snipe. When the river is low, this is a good place to drop in your sluice box and wade around with a hand gold sucker. Be very careful early in the season when the water is running high and cold.

From Goldhunger
Mariposa County

At briceburg rec area approx 12 miles east of Mariposa on Hwy 140. Also at Bagby rec area between mariposa and coulterville on hwy 49. Dredging for a small fee

Placer/El Dorado Counties
David Hoel, CA sent the following:
A nice place for panning is located along the American River valley 8-10 miles outside of Forest Hill (town). From Auburn, take Forest Hill road until you reach the old main street part of town. Turn right on Mosquito Ridge Road (just before old down town). This road follows the north side of the river and the scenery is spectacular! 6.6 miles from where you turned onto Mosquito Ridge Rd., is a shell road marked Gorman Ranch road. Follow this road for approximately 3 miles. It is usually graded, however, may be somewhat rough in the winter. I have always been able to travel it in my Geo Prism. At the hairpin turn in the road is Skunk creek. A mining club I used to belong to (Gold County Miners) owns the upstream entrance for about 200 yards. Beyond that, it is not posted. Clay lining the creek contains gold flakes. Sluicing will do you no good, the clay must be broken up by hand to release the gold. I recommend dish washing gloves, they keep your hands warm and save wear and tear on your hands. Dig between exposed tree roots by the waters' edge. You will find gold, in ten separate trips, I never failed, and I'm new to gold panning. Use a metal coat hanger to dig out cracks and crevices. I found two small nuggets in this fashion. The gold in Skunk creek all comes from hydraulic mining operations just south of Michigan Bluff over 100 years ago. If you wish to join Gold County Miners, call Dennis Raff at (916) 725-4265. Fee is $90/year, they own the Horseshoe bar property on the American River which is close to Skunk Creek. Horseshoe bar is fantastic and in the nine short months that I used it, I saw many large nuggets (up to 3/4 oz.) found by dredgers.

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Amador/El Dorado County
Mike Salvensky, CA submitted the following:
For people in the Sacramento area who are just starting out gold prospecting and are just looking for a little color in the pan, the Consumnes River at Highway 16 is a good place to go. I have found flour gold in just about every pan, 2-3 specks minimum. This location is about 30 minutes out of Sacramento and the access is very easy.

Calaveras County
Ward J. Hollesen, CA gives us a couple places:
I go out prospecting to two nice little places where you can find a little color. The first place is just north of the town of San Andreas, California. As you are traveling northbound from San Andreas you come to a fork in the road. One is Hiway 49 and the other is Hiway 12 towards Stockton. You take the left fork towards Stockton and go about two and 1/2 miles and the road takes a sharp turn to the right and there is another little road to the right next to a little creek. Park right next to the creek and you can use your sluice and pan about 10 steps from your car. I haven't got rich but usually in about two hours I get a few little pieces about half the size of a bb. The next place is instead of going on Hiway 12 from San Andreas, you go to the right on Hiway 49 and go to the 2nd bridge. This is part of the Calaveras River. You have to park on the left side of the Hiway going north and walk down a fairly steep embankment to the river but I have seen some bb size nuggets picked up by some more experienced people. Just do not go past the barb wire fence as that is private property.

Calaveras/Amador Counties From Jim Bonetti, CA
Mokelumne river from Hwy. 49 up to Electra (PG&E power plant and dam) which gives a person a good 2-3 miles of probable gold panning territory for no cost, no permission. BUT, NO machine driven equipment.shovel, pan, sluice only.

Sierra County
Also from Jim Bonetti

North Fork of the Yuba river where the Hwy. 49 crosses it, theres like a park there. From +- 100yds. upstream of the bridge to just above the rapids(I believe) is open to the public to dredging as well as panning, sluicing. I've done it before following directions from someone else.

Trinity County
From Bill

Some of the best gold mining ground in Northern California is in Trinity County.
The stretch of Hayfork Creek from the Wildwood Road to the one
lane bridge is the best. The conglomerate botttom is a natural gold trap in
some place where it crosses the stream. Some real glory holes
of 60 oz, 23 oz, 16 oz in one day, have been dredged up just above and
below the one lane bridge.I own the land there and anyone can pan or sliuce
there except for one old gravel deposit at a place known as Fat Jacks, which
is well posted yearly. Just say Ski sent ya! I live there but travel to
Arizona and Costa Rica at times. the area below the swimming hole on the
hyampom road all the way to nine mile bridge is mostly open ground but its a
rocky chunky bottom and it's hard to get more than two or three dwt most
days.however its also some of the most beautiful land in trinity which makes
up for the lack of gold. plenty of camping spaces.

Northern California
Another great web site for Northern California prospecting locations is the Goldpan Site. It lists several locations in the Yuba and American River watersheds.

Southern California

From Joe
Los Angeles County
I have been finding quartz gold as well as flour and granular and one small nugget. I have been finding this in the Angeles Forest all along Bouquet Cnyn. as far up as Lake Elizabeth. I have also been working San Fransisquito Cnyn Rd with a little prosperity. Happy Hunting. I have no specifics except for Bouquet Cnyn. Just a minute or three after entering the forest area you may notice three old palm trees on the left side of the road. Nothing big but it is fairly plentiful.

From Joseph Hobson

Los Angeles County
I grew up in the greater Los Angeles area my whole life (34 years) and spent many afternoons panning the East Fork of the San Gabriel River north of Azusa. Take Azusa Avenue north to the canyon, turn right to cross the bridge, and go to the end of the road. Parking is free.

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