Wyoming Gold Locations

The places listed below are user submitted gold prospecting locations. Things change over time - these places may or may not still be open. Be sure to fill your holes, pick up your trash and don't trespass. We are losing good spots all the time.

We really need more info on this state! If you know of any other prospecting locations in this or surrounding areas, please fill out this form. What we need here are fairly specific places like "downstream from where Highway 20 crosses Dry Creek". There are lots of books that say something like "The gold belt runs through ABC & XYZ Counties" or "Gold has been found in ABC River and some of its tributaries". That really doesn't say much about where YOU can find gold, private property issues or Forest Circus rules etc. Please use this form only for suggesting fairly specific places to be added to this page where new prospectors or folks visiting from other areas have a good chance of finding gold. Thank you

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Fairly specfic place where folks can find gold:

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From Daniel L. Scott
Fremont County

I live in Lander and there have been findings of gold in all directions from here, mostly in the mountains.

From Mike Hayes "Cheyenne Mike"
There are several places that gold can be found fairly easily. One of the best placer areas is the Douglas Creek area in Albany County. There are some areas that are not "claimed up" but be careful not to encroach on the claimed areas. Most are well posted, but some are not.
Atlantic City/South Pass area.. well known gold bearing area that was quite a "boom" in its day. Again, a lot of unclaimed area, but be careful.
Lincoln Park area in the Snowy Range.. the creeks in this area yield some small flake and flour gold. Not tooooo crowded with claims but watch for the signs.

From Mike Hayes "Cheyenne Mike"
Wyoming is well over 50% public lands, but much of it is remote and hard to access.  Panning and sluicing are always OK but before doing any "power" work", make sure to check with BLM/Forest Service offices in the area you will be working for closures, requirements, permits, etc.  Some areas that are known gold producers are: Douglas Creek area near Fox Park, in the southeast part of the state.  Small flake to flour gold with a few small nuggets being found.  The Atlantic City and South Pass City areas are also good.  A lot of gold was recovered throughout this area in the past, both by placer mining and hard rock mining.  Again, lots of small flake to flour, and some nuggets.  As always, watch for claim markers and take care of the land so it will continue to take care of us!

From Matt Stirn
I have prospected on Rock Creek near Atlantic City, Wyoming. There is great gold there. That is also the location of the Wyoming gold rush. People have found nuggets weighing up to 600 ounces!

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